Preconference Courses & Activities

0900 - 1600
Difficult Airway Management Course (DAC) 2-day course (day 1) Hall A 24 Seats Max

The Definitive EMS Airway Course

  • Learn the full range of airway management techniques – including use of video laryngoscopes & other advanced imaging devices, extraglottic devices, drug-assisted intubation and cricothyrotomy.

  • Work with expert faculty who know the unique challenges facing EMS providers.

  • Use proven airway devices in small group sessions.

  • Practice decision-making and airway techniques in Code AirwayTM simulations.

  • Face the most challenging patient scenarios in a no-risk environment. These include: elevated ICP, pulmonary edema, cardiogenic shock, status asthmaticus foreign body in the airway, direct airway trauma, multiple trauma with shock, and many more.

Didactic and Hands-on Training

  • Prediction of the Difficult Airway

  • Video Laryngoscopy and other advanced imaging devices

  • Medication-assisted Intubation (including RSI and RSA)

  • Pediatric intubation

  • Endotracheal tube introducers (bougie)

  • Cricothyrotomy

  • Extraglottic devices

Program cost $350 / person

0900 - 1600
FAST Ultrasound Course Hall A 24 Seats Max

EDE Core is an intense 1-day hands-on workshop designed for PARAMEDICS ONLY to complete the practical training component of their introductory course in point-of-care ultrasound. This course is not appropriate for other health professionals and registrations will be cancelled for other health professionals.

An online mandatory precourse must be completed before the course day so we can focus on maximum time at bedside with hands-on probe training. We have maximized the instructor and machine ratios to ensure you keep scanning. It is suggested to schedule a minimum of 10 hours to complete the precourse.

In this course, we will cover point-of-care detection of;

  • Pericardial Effusions & Global Cardiac Contractility
  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
  • Abdominal Free Fluid
  • Pneumothorax
  • Pleural Effusions
  • Pulmonary Edema
  • IV Access

Please note that this course will NOT cover Intrauterine Pregnancy – Transvaginal & Transabdominal Detection

Program cost $850 / person

Register Here
0900 - 1600
Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) Hall A 12 Seats Max

NRP is an educational program that introduces the critical concepts and skills of neonatal resuscitation. The NRP course administered by the Canadian Paediatric Society and is designed to teach individuals and teams who may be required to resuscitate newborn babies.

Program cost $405 / person

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0900 - 1600
Difficult Airway Management Course (DAC) 2-day course (day 2) Hall A 24 Seats Max

Content description to follow.

Program cost $350 / person

0900 - 1600
Threat Management Training Hall A Antonio Barreto, John Kerr, Ryan VanderZwan, Steven Love, Todd Reid

Threat Management Pre-conference will run 0900 -  1600hrs (with 1hr lunch break) if it has the full 12 participants.

Over the past few years the Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service (WFPS) has seen an alarming increase in incidents of violence towards its members resulting in physical and mental health related injuries.  Analysis of this trend identified a clear need for training for staff in the management of threatening and violence situations.   In response to this need, WFPS consulted with subject matter experts in law enforcement and responder safety to create the Threat Management training program.

Threat Management focuses on reality based training using scenarios with live role players.  These scenarios create stress responses in participants allowing them to practice assessment and decision making in situations mimicking real life situations.  The program focuses on areas such as:

  • Self-awareness and threat assessment
  • Tactical decision making and communication
  • De-escalation
  • Disengagement
  • Unavoidable use of force
  • Post event self-care
  • Documentation and reporting

Feedback from staff on the Threat Management program has been overwhelmingly positive with many staff reporting significant changes to their practice.  The goal moving forward is for this training to better equip our staff with the tools to manage threatening and violent incidents and decrease the incidents of employee mental and physical injury. 


0900 - 1300
Mental Wellbeing Course Hall A Seats TBA

Content description to follow.


0900 - 1630
Research Symposium & NOSP Town Hall Hall A McNally Project & Alan Batt

The preconference Research Symposium welcomes expert and novice researchers as well as anyone who is curious about research in general. This day, dedicated to building research capacity within paramedicine,  is being hosted by the McNally Project, a community, of and for, paramedic researchers. The morning will provide an opportunity to rotate through small group research topic tables led by paramedics with varying areas of expertise. Topic tables will be followed by Rapid Fire Oral and Poster Presentations and a chance to engage with presenters and network. There is no cost to attending, and coffee and lunch will be provided so join us and learn a bit more about how we are influencing change within our profession.


The Research Symposium will be immediately followed by the NOSP Town Hall: Beyond the NOCP – developing a new competency framework for paramedics in Canada


The Paramedic Association of Canada with the support of the CSA Group is developing a new standard CSA Z1660: National Occupational Standard for Paramedics (NOSP). This standard will revise and replace the 2011 National Occupational Competency Profile, and will support paramedics, educators and employers by providing competency requirements and guidance to perform occupational roles. As part of the development process, we will host a town-hall meeting at PACE2022. This will be an opportunity for paramedics and others from across Canada to meet members of the development group, hear the latest updates on the NOSP development, as well as contribute their thoughts on what the NOSP should look like. In addition, we will seek input from attendees on suggestions for the competencies and activities of work that paramedics perform as part of this event.

Paramedic Meet & Greet

The Kicking Horse Saloon @ Prairieland
Thursday September 8th  1800 – 2300hrs

Ride Along - Medavie West MD Ambulance Service

Thursday September 8th  Times TBA


Opening Ceremonies

Friday September 9th 0800 – 0830hrs

Keynote Speaker

Friday September 9th  0830 – 0930hrs

Keynote Speaker

Saturday September 10th 0830 – 0930hrs

0930 - 1000hrs
Coffee Break - HALL B
1000 - 1100
Hypothermia / Lethal Triad Hall A - Room 1 Sgt. Lavoie
1110 - 1210
Patient Safety - My Mom Died of a Medical Error Hall A - Room 1 Jan Hiebert
1000 - 1100
Palliative Care - Keeping Patients at Home Hall A - Room 2 Jennie Helmer & Leon Baranowski
1110 - 1210
Exploring Potential Organ Donor Pool for Uncontrolled Donation After Cardiac Death Subsequent out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Hall A - Room 2 Chelsea Lanos & Alan Batt
1000 - 1100
That's Not Learning! Online Engagement of Paramedics: Best Practice Recommendations for CPD Design Hall A - Room 3 Dugg Steary
1110 - 1210
Threat Management - A Novel Approach to Paramedic Safety Training Hall A - Room 3 Todd Reid
1000 - 1100
Substance Use & the Paramedic Role Hall A - Room 1 Jennifer Bolster
1110 - 1210
Queer & Trans Collaborative Healthcare Hall A - Room 1 Kris Lane & Lyon Kengis
1000 - 1100
Guide the Future of Paramedicine Hall A - Room 2 Dr. Ian Blanchard & Dale Weiss
1110 - 1210
Operation Remote Immunity: Remote Community Fly-In Vaccination Teams Hall A - Room 2 Patrick Auger
1000 - 1100
The Development & Deployment of a Foundations of Paramedic Leadership Program Hall A - Room 3 Dr. Susan Eckenswiller & Dr. Rob Elkington
1110 - 1210
Knowledge Translation - A Podcast Experience Hall A - Room 3 Zach Cantor
1210 - 1310hrs
Lunch Break - HALL B
1310 - 1410
Technologo Integration Enhancing Cardiac Arrest Care & System Wide Performance Metrics Hall A - Room 1 Mike Humphrey & Adam Perrett
1420 - 1520
Cognitive Bias Clinical Decision Making Hall A - Room 1 Janel Swain
1310 - 1410
Canada's National Urban Search and Rescue Program Hall A - Room 2 Tom Zajac
1420 - 1520
Tailored Approach to CAF Medical Technician Retention Hall A - Room 2 MWO Belanger
1310 - 1410
Update on Occupational Review Hall A - Room 3 MWO Adjum Aimee Randall, MWO Morin, PO1 Steven Collins, CPO2 Shellie Poole & MWO David Miles
1420 - 1520
Canadian Community Paramedic Education & Perceived Preparedness for Practice Hall A - Room 3 Alexandra Shemko
1310 - 1410
CIPSRT - Presentation Hall A - Room 4 Dr. Nicholas Carleton
1310 - 1410
V/Q Bushido - Becoming an ETCO2 Samurai: New Ways to Use an Underutilized Tool Hall A - Room 1 Jeff Bilyk
1420 - 1520
Prone Position - Critical Care & Aeromedical Transport Hall A - Room 1 Chris Naples
1310 - 1410
CBRNE Hall A - Room 2 CPO2 Vince Michaud
1420 - 1520
Aisokinaipiyokikis: Siksika Nation Community Paramedic Program Hall A - Room 2 Charlene Brough
1310 - 1410
Paramedics & Palliative Care - Bringing Vital Services to Canadians, a Roadmap for Implementation Hall A - Room 3 Cheryl Cameron, Janel Swain, Jennie Helmer, Selena Letain, Mike Todd & Susan Dugas
1420 - 1520
Lessons from Covid-19: A Case for an Ethical Framework for Paramedic Decision Making Hall A - Room 3 Lindsey Boechler, Aman Hussain, Cheryl Cameron & Patrick Suthers

In this presentation, we will address the need for an ethical framework to guide paramedic decision-making. Rooted in the findings from recent research studies exploring the lived experiences of paramedics across Canada throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our team has determined that the challenges faced by practitioners were not new, but rather an exacerbation of historical issues. Associated stressors and grief experienced by practitioners were predominately a result of misguided decision-making rooted in poor communication and an audit culture that did not allow practitioners to act in a manner that aligned with their personal beliefs or values. These findings present an opportunity to begin healing a broken system and move forward, not only as individual practitioners but in solidarity as a profession.

This presentation will introduce ethical decision-making principles and encourage

attendees to reflect on their corresponding personal values.

Our presenters bring a wealth of knowledge from across the country and look forward to the opportunity to engage other practitioners in thought-provoking discussions that will begin to shape an ethical decision-making framework specifically designed for and aligned to our profession.

Session Objectives

  1. SummarizefindingsfrommultipleCanadianresearchstudiesconductedduring COVID-19 that highlight the need for an ethical framework to guide paramedic decision-making.

  2. Introduceparticipantstoethicaldecision-makingprinciples.

  3. Encourageparticipantstoreflectontheirowncorrespondingpersonalvalues.

  4. Engageparticipantsinreflectivecasestudiestodeepentheirunderstandingof

    ethical decision-making in the context of paramedicine.

1520 - 1540hrs
Coffee Break - Market Floor Hall B
1540 - 1640
Drowning: Modernizing Paramedics Understanding Hall A - Room 1 Kevin Palmer
1540 - 1640
2022 Freedom Convoy Hall A - Room 2 Eric Kapcala
1540 - 1640
Paramedic Gatekeepers - Should Paramedic Preceptors be Gatekeepers to the Profession? Hall A - Room 3 Dugg Steary
Ride Along

Medavie West MD Ambulance Service
Friday September 9th  TBA

Crestline Factory Tour

Friday September 9th  10am

Transportation is provided, departs Prairieland at 9:40am. Approximately a 2 hr excursion.(25 min, 50 min, 25 min) Maximum of 12 per tour, if more than 12 sign up, we will open another tour for 1400hrs. 

Email or to pre-register. There is no cost for this session.

Keynote Speaker

Saturday September 10th  1540 – 1640hrs

Closing Ceremonies

Saturday September 10th  1645 – 1715hrs

PAC Excellence in Paramedicine Awards Gala

Saturday September 10th
1900 - 2100 HALL C

In the unlikely event that a session changes that is beyond the control of the organizing committee, you will automatically be registered in the same track in the replacement session. If you choose to change this, you can log on your registration portal and make changes.

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