Kaitlin Peters


Kaitlin Peters (she/her), ACP – Treaty 2, Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Kaitlin Peters is the Clinical Standards Manager for Shared Health ERS EMS West Zone in Manitoba. As manager of Clinical Standards, Kaitlin provides leadership to an Education Team that delivers education sessions, material, Quality Assurance and mentorship to Shared Health – West Zone and Brandon Fire Emergency Services. Kaitlin represents paramedicine on multi-stakeholder committees, and continues to educate healthcare providers through Heart & Stroke Certification Courses and ongoing education presentations
Across her career, Kaitlin has held front-line clinical and education roles within paramedic services. Kaitlin has been published in Paramedicine Magazine as cover artist for the Women in Canadian Paramedicine Annual Edition, she participated in the working group for the upcoming Palliative Care NOSP’s, and is a member of the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research. Kaitlin is passionate about improving education culture within paramedicine and is a strong advocate for integrating multifaceted paramedic skills and knowledge into the health care system.
In her spare time, Kaitlin enjoys creative outlets such as painting and gardening. She is spearheading a non-profit corporation that will deliver healthy and active living opportunities with her community. Kaitlin also participates in multiple community development groups and has recently become a Rally Cap baseball coach for her daughter’s team.

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